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   My DC-8 Video at Youtube

My DC-8 Flight from Rotterdam to Ostend on 20-Jan-1994.  DC-8-F55 5N-ATZ Flash Airlines / MK Aircargo

My DC-8 Flight from Rotterdam to Ostend on 24-Mrt-1994.  DC-8-F55 9G-MKA  MK Aircargo

Douglas DC-8 first flight  by Douglas


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   Test flight Douglas DC-8 Ship One  DVD

In the late 1950s, Douglas Aircraft of Long Beach, made a significant marketing push to draw many of the world's leading airlines to their new, revolutionary jet transport, the Douglas DC-8.

The Douglas DC-8 went through a comprehensive development and flight test process, which was captured on a series of promotional colour chine films that were distributed to prospective airlines between 1957 and 1959.

We were able to professionally digitize a number of these historic films to exclusively present on this DVD. It should be noted that the image quality on these 60 year old films is not to the same standard that we are used to in this modern age of HD. Also, some of the films experienced age related breakdown and shrinkage which were beyond our control. But we felt the historical value of the films was the over-riding factor and it was important that the films be made available despite their technical limitations.

As evidenced in the video preview clip on this page, the films cover all aspects of the Douglas DC-8 flight test program including ground runs, landing and take-offs, inflight fuel dump capability, stall handling, pilot handling and visibility, braking and runway handling to name just a few.

The DC-8 prototype N8008D features prominently in all the films and to see this fabulous historic classic jet transport being put through the paces for the camera is fantastic! As an added bonus we've included a film on the roll out and first flight of the Douglas DC-8-61.

This DVD was produced using compact low environmental impact packaging, which results in considerable manufacturing and shipping savings. As such, we are happy to pass these savings on to you in the form of
FREE worldwide postage for this DVD title.
DVD Programs

Chapter 1) Introduction and Pre-Show

Chapter 2) Douglas DC-8 fabrication and factory roll-out
December 1, 1957 ( 7min colour)

Chapter 3) Douglas DC-8 runway trials and first flight
May, 1958 (15 min colour)

Chapter 4) Douglas DC-8 flight testing
October, 1958 (12 min colour)

Chapter 5) More Douglas DC-8 flight testing
October, 1958 (28 min colour)

Chapter 6) Douglas DC-8-61 roll-out and first flight
March 14, 1966 (6 min colour)

Chapter 7) TCA Vickers Viscount DVD Preview

Total running time: 70 minutes

This DVD is available in NTSC region-free format
which will work on all current European DVD players
Available by mail order
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